Recruiting Sales Professionals is Easy if you have These Two Things


2018 is shaping up to be an amazing year for business with record growth and earnings to match.  Many companies want to take advantage of this boom by expanding their sales forces and have come to the table with increased recruiting budgets, new comp plans, and a great story, only to hear crickets from their online job postings.

So where are all the candidates?

It’s no secret that unemployment has been steadily falling since the end of the great recession as more people return to the work force.  If fact, in some areas unemployment had dipped below the level it was before the recession.

The truth is, there are a lot of sales professionals still out there who would be interested in your opportunity, but they can’t find you through all the noise.

Prior to the recession, if you wanted to post your opportunity online, your choices included the traditional job boards Monster and Careerbuilder and a handful of niche sites, and the candidate pool was centered around just a few big industry players.

The recession and its demand for lower cost providers changed that.  The new aggregator model including Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor and many others took off, followed by the social-sites-turned-job-boards LinkedIn and Facebook.  And the newest gamechanger in the field?  Google Jobs- soon to be the biggest baddest disrupter of them all!

It’s no wonder that your job postings aren’t getting applicants!  There are just too many players fragmenting an ever-tightening pool of job seekers, and it’s getting worse every day.

To compete for candidates in this arcane, online recruiting world, you need to have two things:

A spotless and well-known company brand, and, a staff of internal recruiters to proactively interact with and source candidates.

If you want to know what I mean by well-known company brand, do a search on a job board where you have a posting and have your high school aged son or daughter read the names of the companies out to you.  Then ask them which are the best companies.  Their perception won’t be much different than the job seekers who will also read that list today.  There are SO MANY JOBS listed today, that job seekers are skipping over companies that they don’t recognize in favor of the well-known ones, who are getting the lion’s share of applications.

And to further add insult to injury, those same big companies have allocated resources and staff to proactively engage passive candidates on social sites and are locking them down before they even get to the job boards to see your posting.

So there you are, a great company with a fantastic story that nobody’s heard of because you have no public branding outside of your industry.  And, you haven’t taken the step to ramp up your recruiter staff because, well, you haven’t needed them in the past, right?

If you intend to salvage what’s left of 2018 and 2019, you have three options:

1)  Run a massive TV ad campaign to build awareness for your company brand.  Think Superbowl.
2)  Go out and hire a team of recruiters, teach them your company culture, and give them a year or so to get good at that game.
3)  Outsource it to a pro.

Fortunately, job seekers are as frustrated at this situation as you, and many companies and sales professionals today are taking a new look at an old-school kind of service.

Sales Jobs Network been setting up individual and multi-company hiring events for 20 years for Sales Managers and Employers.  We know how to source sales talent, bring them out to an interview day with you, and most importantly, get them interested in your company, culture and compensation program before they even meet with you.  Our services are all flat fee for multiple hire results, and we’re not going to break the bank doing it for you.

Get back in the game.  Send an email to and one of our talented teammates will get back with you within a couple of hours.  You can be training your new hires by the end of next month.

Gary Upah is the Founder of Sales Jobs Network and has been involved in recruiting sales professionals for over 36 years.

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